Christina Rothe

“Her most recognizable works are her intricate, fascinating, and almost trance-inducing multi-media thread paintings. Mesmerizing and conceptually provocative, with layered images and meanings that spring forth, her pieces appear to be the result of deep meditative concentration and hypnotic repetition.” Nicole Evans, curator of the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art. 

My name is Christina Rothe. I am a multi-media artist, born in Hamburg, Germany, raised from infancy in Lagos, Nigeria where my life’s journey has been imprinted in deep and profound ways. I now call the United States home and live in Washington State. 

I am primarily known to layer individual threads of various weights and colors one thread at a time onto surfaces. My technique of working with threads evolved over many years inspired by the African artist FAB – Adebisi Fabunmi. 

Ever since I was a child, I found art to be my way of responding to the world and communicating my innermost thoughts with colors, shapes and textures. As my body of work evolves I find immense joy integrating and exploring differing materials and techniques into my thread work. I love this process of listening to and honoring each material’s voice allowing myself to remain open. 

For me Art is a universal language. Art tells stories of people. It is joyous. It bridges divides. It heals, questions, offers solutions and is a platform for being heard while recording life preserving heritage and culture. Art celebrates individuality and community transcending and sharing sorrow, cruelty and grace. Art is revolutionary; a catalyst for change. Through my art I seek to express life’s journey, my concerns of our human condition, our interconnection to all that is in all of its fullness, whether it be hidden or emerging, buried or exposed. My work seeks to invoke what I call the OneHeart Mind.

With Gratitude,


To touch hearts and have people realize how beautiful and life giving each heartbeat is.

That no one heartbeat or heart is the same, we are all unique sentient beings.

How being different is beautiful and to take a moment to feel, sense, hear your own heartbeat and recognize we all have one, finding heart to reach out to one another and summon courage to stop hate and fear.

Breathe and allow silence for reflection, for listening and for hearing one another. Only together we manifest the needed change for a more just, inclusive and compassionate human experience.

"I believe, together we weave life's complex tapestry by building community through the voices of our hearts through the arts."

Christina Rothe

OneHeart Call project Fabric Panel Installation

We collaborated with students from The Community School in Spokane, Washington. Some of their artwork and reflections has been combined into twelve 9′ 4″ fabric panels to highlight the collaboration. To learn more about the artists and their stories click below.

Community Sharing Life

A collaboration of work from members of our community. 

Paintings Printed on a White Sheer Drapes