Spokane, Washington_Where the OneHeart Call Project began

Steven Egland 

My love, my anchor who supported, cheered and offered straight forward reality checks  


The Community School (TCS) Spokane, Washington 

Students, Teachers and Staff 

Heartbeat recordings, art projects and reflections

Cindy McMahon, Principal 

Teresa McGee, who introduced me to Cindy McMahon


Frank Chavez

Jeff Aker

Juanita Oiland

Julie Wiens

Pamela Adams

Tracy Freeman 

Tracy Hansen


Ashlee King 

Bobbi Konshuk 

Brian Monger 

Dave Egly 

Jaci Rogers 

Janelle Brinkley 

Mary Lee McJimsey 

Matthew Inman 

Nate Seaburg 

Ryan Campanella 

Sara Reijonen 

Tami Linane-Booey 


Alex Bachman 

Adam Thompson 

Amahra Barnes & Aliyah Reidburn 

Ashiah Campbell 

Benjamin Kealiher 

Benn Sankari 

Calvin Harding 

Charlie Mark 

Chloe Schulz 

Dante Sellgren & Caleb Hoffman 

Grace Tucker  

Hannah Curl 

Harris Kahler 

Hudson Kahler 

Isaac Emswiler 

Isaac Nebelsieck   _Performance contribution 

Izzabell Logan-Atkins  

Ivy Garcia 

Ivy Williams 

Lauren Anderson  

Malu Munizza 

Mary Mustapha 

Max Barton 

Milo Trent   _Performance contribution 

Risa Lockwood 

Ryan Yancey 

Ryan Yancey & Blake Yacker   _Performance contribution 

Sam Johnson 

Sentoria Davis 

Sequoia Fontaine 

Tristin Mace 

Tylar Sherod 

Wymond Goolsby  

Anonymous Student contributions 


The Community School Drummers consists of 9th 12th grade students and their drumming instructors, Michael Moon Bear and David Egly, from The Community School (part of Spokane Public Schools). The student performers have various levels of drumming experience and bring a passion for learning and performing. The rhythms played are traditional West African and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Students in this class collaborate to learn how to play traditional rhythms, understand the history and cultural significance of each the rhythm as well as the instruments, and then use that knowledge to perform and spread cultural appreciation. During performances, we present that information to the audience. We love audience participation, so feel free to move, dance, clap, and enjoy yourself!

This high energy group is sure to brighten anyone’s day!



Loic Gosselin 

Inward Studio, Spokane, Washington 

Inward Studio records and produces music and spoken content for diverse media. From capturing the essence of a sound, to polishing it, our process focuses on reaching each projects full potential. With our natural interest in community-based initiatives, the OneHeart Call gave us the perfect opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people and produce an authentic sound environment that bring us all closer together.  



Kurt Schmierer

Graphic Designer, Publisher and Artist

Spokane Art Supply

Collaboration on all graphic design elements of the OneHeart Call project and for Heartsong IV_OneWorld, OneHeart, ManyHeartsongs exhibit. Kurt is an amazing artist and shares his talent and passion to help fellow artists in so many ways. Check out www.artistsimply.com to learn more about his vision and outreach.


Spokane Art Supply, Spokane, Washington

Printed all of the nine feet tall organza fabric panels for the OneHeart Call project. Spokane Art Supply, a family owned local art center offers an incredible variety of art resources, supplies and support for all creative voices in Spokane.



Kaytlyn Rowen 

Web Designer and Social Media 



Angelie Melzer, Artistic Director 

Her dance students are collaborating in the OneHeart Call project with dance choreographies interpreting reflective contributions of students and community voices through dance. 



Angelie Melzer and Alison Dyer, Internal Family System (IFS) practitioner 

Empower Ballet 

Dance for children and adults with disabilities.


Mikayla and Cody Chongaway
Video production and video editing for the OneHeart Call project.

Myron and Rita Bursell 

Myron is the owner of Green Gables Photography in Spokane, Washington. Myron photographed all the student images for the OneHeart Call project installation. He also made the connection to Dave and Fay at Instant Sign Factory.



Charlie Hinton, William Grant Gallery & Framing

Charlie is the owner of William Grant Gallery & Framing and provides unique and high quality custom framing for the community in Spokane since 1984. All of the frames are built in the store. Everyone who works there is so helpful and knowledgeable finding the perfect “home” for your projects. Thank you Charlie for everything!



Dean Davis, Dean Davis Photography 

Dean photographed all the artwork for this exhibit and did the on-site photography for this exhibition Awakening and The OneHeart Call project: Building community with the voices of our heart through the arts, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, Montana. 



Charlie M. Pepiton, M. F. A.

Associate Professor and Chair of Theatre & Dance at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, and Producing Artistic Director at Square Top Theatre.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the OneHeart Call project performing arts event at Gonzaga’s Magnuson Theatre was rescheduled for June, 2021.



Professor Lulu Gonzalez, Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington 

International Student Department 

Foreign students at Whitworth University sharing the word “Heart” in their birth-languages.



Jackson Lino, Director, The Neema Choir, Spokane, Washington

Facebook: @Neemagracechoir

Choir Members performing songs from the heart

Neema choir 2019 Roster 

Viva Mungualinipa 

Dyeme Mungualinipa 

Semi Mungualinipa 

Shadrack Mungualinipa

Solomon Rashide 

Henry Rashide 

Sophia Rashide

Epoir Wilondija 

Didier Wilondija 

Lorean Wilondja 

Charline Wilondja

Susan Katumbi

Shawna (kobsingy) Kassa 

Olivia (kimbabazy) Kassa 

Kayesu (Jessica) Kassa

Bija Kasomo 

Buga Kasomo 

Bloze Kasomo 

Kituza Kasomo 


Donell Barlow   _Performance Contribution

Artist, Poet, Writer and Health Coach 



Jerry Judd 

Perception Plastics Inc, Spokane, Washington 

All Acrylic Display Structures for Artworks and Presentation 


Claudia Hall, Spokane, Washington 

Master Seamstress, helped me sew all of the 9 feet tall 20to 40wide Organza Fabric panels for the hanging and round panels of the rotator formations of the OneHeart Call project Installation.


David Fithian

David took on the challenges of transportation logistics, making sure all of the art projects arrived safely at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls, Montana.


Traci Hatch, Spokane, Washington  

Initial marketing and social media consultation. 


Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems, Healdsburg, California 

Aqueous print ready Organza Fabrics for The OneHeart Call Project Installation.



AlCobra Metals, Spokane, Washington 

Lucas Beechinor Al Cobra Coordinator 

Steve Inman CAD Programmer 

Doug Bandy Laser Operator 

All Metal Art Fabrication 



Instant Sign Factory, Spokane, Washington  

Fay and Dave Bertelsman 

All decals for Heartsong IV_OneHeart OneWorld ManyHeartsongs Installation 

OneHeart Call Logo Floor Decal  

QR codes 



OrbAudio, Sherman Oaks, California

The Surround system equipment for the OneHeart Call Installation.



Community Sharing Life 

Cindy McMahon

Community Voice_1

Community Voice_2

Ann  _Ann’s Art by God’s Love

Donell Barlow

Dustin Daugherty

Evelyn Egland

Gerhard Kleih

Ilse Kilian-Tan  _Artist

Irmi Kleih

Jack Stell

Jackson Lino

Joy Behr

julia m becker  _Artist

Kathleen Stell

Kay West  _Artist

Madeline Ballou  _Artist

Mira Lee  _Artist

Raaf Baard

Taylor Pannell  _Poet

Vicky Cavin_Artist www.vickycavin.com


Luciole Font, French for firefly, is a new typeface developed to help visually impaired people and people with reading disabilities to read. 

The OneHeart Call project uses the luciole font throughout the entire exhibit and on the oneheartcall.com website.

These fonts are freely available under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License:


Luciole © Laurent Bourcellier & Jonathan Perez