Isaac Nebelsieck

So first off, I started off with more of a jungle theme because the main message behind my piece is like life and nature and like just what it is. So I thought jungle would be a perfect theme because there’s lots of life in jungles. Where as like here you have pine trees and stuff. I just feel like it is a lot more colorful in the jungle. You get to see more just general life and the main message behind my piece is to bring back the circle of life. I didn’t really tie it in with humans at all in the actual art piece but my message I think is that in our society we need to bring back the circle of life because we kind of have lost that. When we take stuff out of the earth we don’t really put back. We don’t put back more than what we are supposed to. Whereas like with birds for example you see they’ll eat fruit they take from the trees and then they’ll poop out the seeds and then plant new life. I feel like as humans we have lost that. I wanted to just show kind of the beauty of nature and that’s also why I went with a beach because it’s open, it’s peaceful and you almost can look at the ocean. In certain places you can see how untouched it is but in certain places you can see how much we have touched it and how much for example plastic we have put into it and how much we have taken from the earth and then put back but not in the most positive way; put back in an awful way, instead of helping it [earth].

I kind of see it as something, as some environment we’ve impacted but we don’t really know we’ve impacted it. When I am walking through streets and stuff, I see all this garbage on the ground, I am thinking ‘you know we put all this waste into the earth and not that many people know that they are actually doing that.’ You go to the supermarket and you buy a plastic jar for example. You throw it away. You think ‘oh, this isn’t really going to go int the planet somewhere.’ In reality it ends up going somewhere. It ends up going in the planet. I think it is just kind of sad that it has become kind of our reality. What we use just becomes trash on the ground. I think as humans, we just need to learn how to put back into the earth. How I have grown up my family has really taught me that message ‘put back what you take’ and that means either planting or if you can clean up, clean up when you have the chance too and sometimes that is difficult to do. We really just need to focus on how we can make our world beautiful again instead of a garbage can kind of what it has become. Treat it more as some beautiful thing that we have, that is a privilege to have and you just kind of mess it all up.

I like to kind of go with messy almost but not like completely perfect. That is just how I kind of like to draw. Nothing is really perfect. I feel the little mess ups make it what it is, kind of puts your own uniqueness into it almost. One thing that I also represent in this is, you can’t nowadays go to a nice beach like this without seeing garbage because it is always there, no matter where you go, there is always going to be garbage really. It [the drawing] kind of represents what we could see. We could see a beautiful beach with a beautiful sunset and beautiful plants growing. Instead we like to throw away and we haven’t gotten the chance to see that.

Bring back the circle of life. by Isaac Nebelsieck

In collaboration with Isaac Bring back the Circle of Life will be a dance choreography at Gonzaga’s Magnuson Theatre, June 2021.

* Anonymous TCS

What do you see, what do you envision?

I see a world that has no hope left because humans have destroyed ever beautiful things in the world. 


Do you have any concerns? What needs to change?

Everything needs to change. People need to know that we are going in the wrong direction. We need to focus on bringing the world back to health. We need to become more independent.