Mary Mustapha

This is about kindness and the world and all that. So I was just drawing it like if it was actually somebody holding the earth. The person is floating, because you can’t actually hold the earth. So it’s like kind of like a dream to me. I chose bright colors because there is happiness and there is kindness still in the world but some people may not see that. That’s why the kindness is on the face with no facial because like it’s not an actual person. If it was somebody, they might not feel like there is kindness in the world. So I did the bright colors to like show that [kindness in the world]. As if you are holding all this pressure, the words people say to you, they can’t see like what’s inside, so they don’t know what’s going on with you. But if someone actually said something mean to you, it’s like that pressure holding, so that earth is the pressure and all not so kind things.

Some people, maybe the place that they are in, they can’t see that there is kindness but there is kindness all over the world. I am not so artistic so I like try to show that as best as I can. Well, it also just kind of depends on how you interpret because it can mean many ways but obviously the way that I am trying to show it maybe somebody else won’t see that but there is more meaning behind it. I feel like every day everybody holds pressure and weight. Also like the word kindness and the colors, is like be happy at the moment because everybody goes through tough times.

Mary Mustapha Drawing in Color

Sentoria Davis

When I grow up, I hope my family…

will be successful and will overcome the struggles in our daily life


When I grow up, I hope my community…

will become greater, not distant to those who are different 

fight with powerful kindness instead with hateful words and violence


When I grow up, I hope my country…

will understand we all have rights and we should stick to them 

we have a voice we need to speak up 

we have the power to change the world 

we should use it not only for good but to help others in need 

instead of using it to be selfish for ourselves


When I grow up, I hope the world… 

will understand that we are the same no matter what

color we are no matter what different culture or religion we have


When I grow up, I hope the universe… 

we can adapt to different life and we can learn more about what is out there and use it for good knowledge to find what is beyond what we believe is to be true and not true


When I grow up, I hope… 

to be successful with my work to make a change in people’s lives to become someone 

who understands more than what is real in this world to be great, to see what it means to be in this world to be great

Sentoria Davis Sig