Chloe Schulz

* Anonymous TCS

What does Hope mean to you? 

 Hope does not mean much to me. being hopeful is like living in your own little world.  

it does nothing for reality.  

if you really want something work for it so it becomes true. 

Sam Johnson

I learnt about you doing a heart and stuff. I always liked the human heart look and how the human heart wants what it wants. I did an inspiration from the LGBT community. So I did a rainbow heart with a halo over it showing and kind of representing the truth and what the heart wants. It’s supposed to be in a darker background but I am not that skilled at it. I decided on a dark blue background, so a darker area for the heart and the halo shines on the heart.

When I first learned how the cartoon kind of heart is made, actually from two human hearts sewn together, is how I got interested in the human heart kind of look and how it actually looks compared to the cartoon version. 

As a kid I thought the cartoon version is always how the human heart looked and so when I first learned about the human heart, I was interested in all the little crevices in it.

Sam Johnson Halo Heart Drawing

* Anonymous TCS

I think of mindfulness as a way to better myself and also the people around me. When you are kind it starts to rub off on the people around you making them happy. 

Hope is the light in the darkness just when you thought nothing would work. 

I envision a world dirty and destroyed by the corruption of humans. 

Sequoia Fontaine

This is kind of a ‘who am I?’ and about my personal self as well. I wrote down ‘what are your morals?’ because morals are actually important describing who you are as a person and like what you contribute to society as well. The rainbow heart shows all the colors of like emotions and actions as well. It has a heart as well being the rainbow, I guess to show like these are how you feel about these emotions as well. I guess when I go out in public, I do look at people and I see how they are dressed, sometimes what they talk about and I kind of guess, assume kind of what they think. I do see, I guess, I kind of see the different colors that they are connected with. I take a color that interprets an emotion, or an action and I connect it to them. It’s more about traits, the way people do talk about like certain issues. It kind of shows how much hurt they have about topics, whether they are sensitive about that topic or if they just talk freely about it to anyone and anytime. I guess the amount of heart they have to certain topics or people it does correlate as well with the colors about their emotions and how they feel about it. I can’t really control it but like sometimes I just end up overhearing something or I will be listening to a song and then suddenly I am like ‘colors.’ I would say probably the music I am listening to because it makes me feel like many different things. The topics of the music are sometimes controversial and sometimes not so controversial, yes, a lot of emotions and colors.

Sequoia Johnson Morals Heart Drawing

Calvin Harding