Malu Munizza

I got inspired by my cousin because she does a lot of artwork with like different pieces of things which are in your body. She did a thing with lungs which she made into a tree. So that’s how I got inspired about doing the plant thing. I was trying to draw plants that are really dying but the roots were alive or like not everything is what it seems kind of thing. A lot of people if you get to know them they are not as what they seem to come across as. I just think it is really cool, she’s [my cousin] like a couple years older than me. She has been doing art a lot longer than me so I always kind of have looked up to her and seeing what she has been doing. When I see something I want to make it also into something else. I did this picture a while ago of a jellyfish and things were coming out of it and made kind of a girl’s face. It’s like two pictures in one. I do not really draw with colors that much but when I do I usually do it more as in a comic like looking way, but I want it still to look more realistic so I kind of stick with black and white. I also use like a pencil, a sharpie and pen for it.

Malu Munizza Drawing of a Heart

Milo Trent

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Friends are one of the most important things in peoples lives. Without kindness and mindfulness and the friends that impact it, life would be meaningless. 

To me, hope means future. Not necessarily my future, but the future in general. The future of my loved ones, the future of the planet. Hope is the future and what it may bring. 

Engaging with my community is what makes me stand out. Communicating and engaging with people is what makes people so successful. By engaging with our community, friends, and family, we have shaped the world. Weve changed laws and saved lives and made hope, for the future. 

When I close my eyes I see and I envision things that are beyond my time. I see a world where every body is loved for who they are and nobody is cast aside. Nobody is better than anybody else, and nobody is disguised. I envision smiles upon faces and green grass upon the Earth. I envision a future where we are taking care of our people and our planet, and neither is left to suffer because of it. 

Lots of things need to change. There are people that live without homes, children that dont get a chance of any education and people around the world that live without the chance of any sort of future. In Spokane, you cant go anywhere downtown without seeing a homeless person. Children are starving in the same city that people are going obese.