Ryan Yancey & Blake Yacker

The things that frightened you as a kid like the spiders and bugs or the monsters under your bed and in your closet.

But I am not afraid of those things any more, for they have become far inferior to the things I have to fear today. The things I fear in order to stay alive.

The things you used to be scared of when you were younger,

Seem like nothing compared to the bigger fears.

The fears of the real world.

Fear of the public.

Fear of someone you know,

Someone you love to not show up one day.

Because in this day and age, spiders are the least of our worries when people in the streets are shouting for our slaughter, shouting their hate-soured words to the hills. This is a witch hunt boys, and we are the witches.

The fear of failure.

But possibly the biggest fear,

Is fear,

being used against you.

Fear is a weapon.

They claim to fear us, and its’s almost convincing. They’ve got the gig down. The pitchforks and the torches, loosely veiled with signs full of hate are hard to say no to, but it’s funny, isn’t it? We have more to fear of them than they have to fear from us. After all, they aren’t the ones being burned at the stake. How ironic, the way history repeats itself. 6

Eventually someone will use it against you.

Scare you,

threaten you,

Into doing something you never would’ve done otherwise.

Humanities insatiable hunger for a good ole’ fashioned slaughter is a living nightmare all of its own. Maybe there’s a reason we hear stories about the monsters in our closets, but as is so often the case, those monsters were people once too, maybe people like us don’t have guardian angels, maybe the monsters in our closets are there for a reason, less of a menace and more of a means of protection.

Fear is powerful, but it is not invincible.

Bravery, a much more powerful weapon than fear will ever be.

Bravery can overcome any fear,

Bravery is a great tool,

People cherish it,

Support it,

But remember without fear,

There is no bravery.