Donell Barlow

Donell Barlow Painting of People in Heart


Four chambers corresponding  

to the four directions 

Four valves to carry the prayers 

located in the center of the human body 

The seat of emotion guides us 

throughout our entire lives 

Whether its joy or sorrow 

our heart holds steadily 

Expanding and contracting, 

making more room to love at 

an expansive level 

Beating with intention,  

aligning to the rhythm, 

The drum beat of Mother Earth 

taking shape in nature, 

showing compassion in human form 

Donell Barlow Signature on White Background
Donell Barlow Healing Road Painting

Healing Road

The four directions leading me home 

With me in the center, to never fell alone

The ancestors guiding me and leading the way 

A path less traveled by those who stray

The cycle of past trauma ends with me  

To not pass it on to my children, so that they can be free 

Donell Barlow Signature on White Background
Donell Barlow Final Mother Earth Painting

Mother Earth

We are all aware she is powerful 

She has the ability to destroy and create 

So why do we neglect her suffering  

Offering so little reciprocity 

will seal our fate 

She is our first Mother and without her  

We wouldnt even exist 

Truth is she can survive without us 

A universal call to action 

is what we continue to resist

Climate change is increasing rapidly 

With alarming signs and warnings 

we can no longer ignore 

The time is now to stand up for her 

The light and the dark forces 

of the universe are at war 

Donell Barlow Signature on White Background