Sentoria Davis

Why are we changing natures course 

How will it define us 

Who will we become 

Everyone is different 

We all are unique 

So, why change 

Who we are 

What we look like 

Why try to be perfect 

Or make perfect human beings 

Sentoria Davis Sig

Benn Sankari

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, and let it all go.

let go of what’s draining your heart and making you mad, it’s taking too much energy away from

what could be making you happy.

whatever is making you sad, is only temporary, whatever is making you mad, is only temporary.

let it go

accept it

and then grow from it.

whatever is holding you back from being your best, whatever is holding you back from thinking 

we are one

let it go

we were all born with a heart that beats and functions

and although our stories are not the same

and your heart could be more broken and torn than mine

if we acknowledge these differences and let them go

we can learn what has helped the broken hearts grow.

Benn Sankari Signature in White

* Anonymous TCS

Hope to me is a breath, 

in between sanity, 

and depression, 

happiness and despair. 

I want to hope, 

but disappointment looms  

so close, 

a razor gripping my heart. 

Ivy Williams

When I first started painting it, I didn’t really know what I was doing. As I finished and kind of fiddled around with the position of my hand, I realized that if I put my hand flat on the desk with my arm straight up the arm kind of looks like a sunset, and the hand can either be the sky. It can be a sunset or it can be a deep hole in the ground that is raising up, out of that is coming like some ice or something. Or, I guess if I did it like this [showing different position of hand on table] it could be a waterfall. That just looks cool.

I really realized it could be that after I already had finished. I pretty like doing artwork like painting or drawing on my arm. I found that I am pretty good at doing like shading between colors. I just did it because I like to. I just did it because it’s fun and it looks cool. I like the fingers the best. It looks like ice, it’s one of my favorite stuff to do. I tried to like combine with just single pen strokes. I actually have done a cool piece, actually right here [pointing to skin]. It was like there were a couple of holes in my skin like here and here [pointing to it] and you could see the bones through it; like greenish yellow. I just used pen and some highlighters. Actually a lot of people took pictures of it, and then I took it off because I was like ‘stop it, taking pictures of my arm.’ I would like to be outside more if there would be less bugs. If there wouldn’t be any bugs I would love to be outside a lot, yes.

Ivy Williams With Hand Painting of Colors