Andrew Linnes

Owen Linnes


Jojo, tell us the inspiration of your beautiful drawing.

Things that are touching, those are the things… that I thought maybe could connect to the hearts, and then if which hearts touching, the… so many…, that’s how many pains and owners, I mean pets love owners’ hearts and love one another hearts and love self hearts and the next ones that are the together heart.

Hearts Colored Markers on Paper  11” x 8.5” 

Jojo, 4 years

Masina Seau

Never Enough Acrylic on Canvas 4’ x 3’

Takiyah Harris

Haptic Art Artist_Black De’VIA/Black Art

Integrity Hands Mixed Media 6” x 6” Description: Many Deaf or Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind students are struggling with their identities because they were not sure if they are fitted in any kind of groups like religious, color of skins, gender identities, uneducated/educated, rich vs poverty and more.