The Paris Gibson Museum of Art, Great Falls, Montana


This is called Heart Of The Wild

And I made it because a lot of people have things in common and I really want to take the viewers to this forest where most things get along in harmony and some people are sick at home right now and some people are not going out at all and so I wanted to take them to this place. And in between we have the horse and the bear, in between them there are berries because both horses and bears eat berries. They have things in common event though they may or may not realize it…  and inbetween the little Indian girl and the horse we have nuts and plants which involve berries…and so we have this little Indian girl, she is collecting little things in her basket…and then over here we have the wolf and the bear…and in between them you can see a little skull…that’s because both bears and wolves are meat eaters…and in the middle we have the birds that have everything, they eat berries, they eat nuts, they eat plants… they even eat other birds sometimes… and that’s my project.

Katelyn Rutten

Humans sewed together the Universe, a wonderful creation in herself. One born of love, compassion and community. We touch the Universe as the Universe touches each and all of us within the same moment in time. Touch the Universe. introduces a new alphabet translating and sounding a passage of Edward Frost’s – The Road Not Taken.