Alma Winberry

Hello, I am Alma Winberry. I have a long history living in Great Falls. Life opened up to me when Christina came to Great Falls at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art because her topic of OneHeart Call and the demonstrations of all the media and avenues that you can approach art with not only opened up my imagination and my heart but as a docent here at Paris Gibson I toured multiple people through the museum and never before with all the tours that I have guided have I had pretty much a hundred percent of threshold where students and people were willing to create an inspiration from viewing her artwork. It was just a blessed feeling for me.

I wanted to start by explaining to you my art piece here and I want to give you a little bit of background. I hop off to White Sulfur Hot Springs periodically and I was buying breakfast just before I left, a little bag of cheese chunks…and because I declined what the guy behind the counter said were these wonderful waffle sandwiches and McDonald sandwiches at the town pump…and I said “I am just not a normal person, I just have to figure…”, once we started launching a conversation about being unique and not normal, his heart opened as well as mine did…in viewing her artwork, because we all stop and reflect at we’re unique people. We can’t do everything the same way somebody else does… but art, artistic expression gives us the ability to speak our voice and speak to the divine element and be able to share our love of living. We all see life differently and art is really fun to be able to do because people can see our uniqueness that’s left behind or transferred or shared.

So I wanted to tell you about the inspiration for this piece because I am a mother, number one, I had four kids, two boys and two girls. As you watch your children grow you see and emphasize different things. As my oldest son, I don’t want to say he hated me, but basically anything I stood for he wanted the opposite. So if I am a feeling, loving, touchy kind of mom, he wanted all the electronics, mental calculations…so as he grew up I noticed and especially when he had his end of the year viola concerts…I said, “Gee, Rami, you never really shared your heart, you got to combine your idea of music with expressing how you feel.” The next year he got the drift and he practiced that throughout the year. I have one son and everything runs through his heart and two daughters that are unique in their own way of interpreting. We are human beings full of lots of things, like feeling, thinking and doing.

I wanted to talk about my view of my oldest son because I feel he had to learn the link between his head and his heart. This is something I wanted to share with you, to make sure that when you approach artwork you don’t frustrate yourself. My initial feeling and thought, we even brought our ideas here in November or January, whenever it was and I had different [project] ideas. I wanted panels like Christina had with phrases and sayings…and of course I lost them, misplaced them…and when I went to find the parts that I had bought to make the link between the heart and the head, of course I couldn’t find them…every roadblock that you come across is a springboard for you to grow another step exponentially. I was kind of happy how things turned out because eventually I set up with my workman to come and we took old boards off my back porch and I took an old stool stand and put metal up on there and he put big long rain gutter screws on the back and it flops around a little bit. This is a heart that was from the room where my oldest learnt how to play all these electronic games and now he is a database king of a hospital. In dealing with fabric and material you try lots of different things and my neighbor likes this snarky stuff…I had a cloak and I originally was going to hang panels of fabric but I liked the coat better and I had a good will store donate this head to me and I had to go out in my garage and put it on a post. The idea is that if you are going to look at your heart with OneHeart Call you have to look at how it connects with your head and your feelings. I wanted to make this art piece because I saw it in my mind’s eye first, worked on it with multiple people and let it savor and sit because you can’t just up and do something right of…sometimes you can…but sometimes you can’t make it unique. The idea, even though I lost all these wonderful quotes that everybody approved off and I was going to use them…I ended up taking apart a frame and writing on here. This was my friend’s award she got in Florida when she worked for the telephone company. I took the glass off, The Road between Your Heart And Your Head Is The Hardest. It is a reflective piece for people to think, “yes, I need to tune into myself, I need to know myself and we are all unique and to share your uniqueness with your artistic expressions. And may you let your love light shine.

The Road Between The Head N’ Heart Is The Hardest

Mixed Media 

4’ x 4’


This is called Heart Of The Wild.

And I made it because a lot of people have things in common. And I really want to take the viewers to this forest where most things get along in harmony. And some people are sick at home right now and some people are not going out at all. And so I wanted to take them to this place.

In between we have the have the horse and the bear. Between them, there are berries because both horses and bears eat berries. They have things in common even though they may or not realize it.

In between the little Indian girl and the horse, we have nuts and plants, which involve berries. And so we have this little Indian girl, she’s collecting little things in her basket.

And then over here we have the wolf and the bear…And in between them, you can see a little skull. That’s because both bears and wolves are meat eaters.

And in the middle we have the birds that have everything. They eat berries. They eat nuts. They eat plants. They even eat other birds sometimes. And that’s my project.

The Heart Of The Wild

Mixed Media

Gail Holzheimer

My art piece, in response to Christina Rothe’s art show, revolves around what is transpiring in the world today. The use of a round frame is in relationship to our planet and environment. The colored pieces of fabric that are painted depict the feelings of unease and of an unsettled order. Inside of the round sphere are broken fragments of colored glass that are wrapped crudely with wire and crystals that flow freely in space. How will we heal the fractured connections?