Heartsong I_Got Heart For Water?

Inspired by climate change and the awareness that only together as a people worldwide we can save our planet.

Heartsong II_What coat are you wearing?

The installation is inspired by my own journey as an immigrant and naturalized citizen using vibrant interwoven fabrics to create a garment, a cloth as a metaphor for my reflections on how important it is not to loose your own cultural roots when changing your citizenship. Textiles represent and celebrate long standing cultural heritages worldwide. They also speak about ceremony, community, our individuality and so much more. How do we merge and integrate into a new society without losing our roots, our cultural vibrancy? How do we share and weave our own cultural experiences into a new society with different norms and traditions?

The hat is an interactive example of introducing an unfamiliar different textile, a head and face covering to a new societal experience that often is not welcoming. A mirror foil is placed at eye level and the viewer will see their own eyes mirrored back at them creating the assumption they are actually wearing this head piece and perhaps the unfamiliar maybe not that confrontational?

The second fabric garment symbolizes our inner human core worn underneath the first colorful coat. This textile piece focuses more on our individual inner nature of positive and negative thought and action patterns that also reflect our current divisive American society. This coat is a symbol of inner and outer struggle to overcome hate and fear and otherness. The text of the Constitution of the United States is worked into the center of this fabric piece as my symbol for balance, coexistence and the aspiration of a democratic idea of a just, inclusive, equal and liberated society.

Heartsong III_Heart Twins

Inspired by the yin and yang polarities of our human nature. You will be able to discover an element of the other in the twin piece. This installation has a total of 32 pieces and we are showing a selection here.

Heartsong IV_OneWorld, OneHeart, Many Heartsongs

The inspiration for this 25′ long piece is to travel the world via resin hearts representing over 200 world nations named by the United Nations. Each heart is identified by name of country and its national flag imbedded in the resin. The hearts are placed in hand made baskets representing the six inhabited continents of our World, beginning from the left with South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Randomly the viewer is drawn to one of the six baskets choosing one of the resin hearts representing a country on that continent. The viewer finds the respective country name on the acrylic shelf of the installation and places the heart upon it with the waxed linen thread guided through a center hole on the shelf. When all the resin hearts found their designated place on the shelves, Christina connects all the heart threads with one another using colorful waxed linen thread wrappings to represent the idea of our global and vibrant interconnection of all people. Politics are not considered in this project as it solely focuses on the people everywhere, so i.e. Palestine and Tibet are included in this installation of hearts. Christina’s hope is that the viewer becomes curious and researches the country they picked to learn about the people and their customs. The new found knowledge will hopefully impart understanding and empathy for one another and an invitation to visit and explore deeper.

Heartsong V_Together_Apart

Inspiration of this piece is to work towards achieving Togetherness in our daily micro and macrocosm. The fabric feet below the metal installation symbolizes our reality of being apart hurting one another through the ages to present time in so many cruel and horrific ways. The four toes represent the four directions, it also symbolizes the cross, addressing our reality that the ground underneath is not level, not equal as testified in scripture. I chose feet because we use our feet to move around, to celebrate, to run for our lives if we need and to stand with strength from within our core when we find and speak our voice to liberate.