Great Falls Highschool (GFHS)

GFHS Teachers

Cortni Harant: GFHS Art Department Chair, PGSMoA Board President, Urban Art Project Director, MAEA MT Art Education Association 

Wil Harning: Art Teacher, former Education Director of the PGSMoA 

Bianca Bouchard: Life Skills Special Education Teacher introduces a new alphabet translating and sounding a passage of Edward Frost’s – The Road Not Taken.

The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost, a passage translated in a new language and alphabet   Ink Pen   27” x 21 

Adam Braaten

R.I.P.    Pencil and Oil Crayons   11” x 11” 

Adam Symonds

Together We Stand Divided We Fall   15” x 15”

Alex Bloomgren

Be U   Dye and Ink on Fabric   20” x 13”

Arianna Douglas

Bundle of Colors   Watercolor and Ink on Paper   12” x 18” 

Brooklyn Wood

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated  Dye and Ink on Fabric

Love is…   Dye and Ink on Fabric   13” x 16”

Cadence Schnider

Smile   Dye and Ink on Fabric   16” x 12” Print 

Cora Patterson

Inner Heart With Outer Shell Pencil on Paper   8.5” x 11”

2021 Recipient of the annual Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art Zach Culliton Merit of Distinction in the arts Award

I created this piece to outline why the message behind the OneHeart Call project is so important. The inner heart represents everything that connects us, while the outer shell represents why we lose sight of our similarities. The mallet and chisel represent that strength of empathy, compassion, and a willingness to try to stop the division. We can have so much in common with another individual, yet one factor like race, money, disability, or age can cause us to completely block out our similarities and only see the differences. I used a wheelchair and other mobility aids for a couple of years in middle and high school. This experience made me realize how peers that I used to talk and laugh with every day before I developed a chronic illness suddenly seemed to only see the mobility aid and not the person using it. I hadn’t change, my method of getting around had; my beliefs and interests remained the same. The OneHeart Call project highlights unity and love, which we all need now more than ever.

Danielle Kallstrom

Caring Curiosity   Digital Art   12”  x 15”


13” x 13”  

When asked how she felt in her heart making this piece of art, Demiah said that she was sitting on the moon looking at The Earth 


Pencil Drawing 8” x 6” 

Erica Wilbur

Bipolar Prismacolor on Paper   16.5” x 14” 

Hannah Griffin

Love   Digital Art   17” x 10” 

HannaMae Anderson

Untitled   Watercolor, Color Pencil and Graphite   7” x 11.75” 

Harmony Xayavong-Philpott

Bloom  Dye and Ink on Fabric   18” x  18” 

Harper Gardner

The Eyes   Watercolor and Chinamarker on Paper   12” x 9”

Isabel Platt

You Can’t Fall If You Never Climb   13” x 15” Print

Jaiden Collins

“Don’t Be Pushed Around By the Fears in Your Mind. Be Led by the dreams in your heart” by Roy T. Bennet   Dye and Ink on Fabric 15” x 12” 

Kaelyn Ellis

Untitled  19” x 15”   

Katiana Cozino

Momento Mori   Acrylic and Chinamarker on Paper   18” x 12”

Katelyn Rutten

The Touch Of The Universe   Digital Art   21” x 15”

Humans sewed together the Universe, a wonderful creation in herself. One born of love, compassion and community. We touch the Universe as the Universe touches each and all of us within the same moment in time. Touch of the Universe, Katelyn Rutten.


11” x 9”  

Lia Snetzinger

We Rise By Lifting Others   Dye and Ink on Fabric   14” x 14” 

Max Robinson

Michael Jordan Quote   10” x 10” 

Nielly Breeden

Family Quote   Reduction Relief Print   20” x 15”

Never Lose Hope  18” x 18”  Fabric

Sam Habein

Old Gods   Digital Art   17” x 16”