Conservatory ASL Northwest (CAN)

Amanda and Hollis Fudge

Suzie Sherrard

Suzette, how did you decide to create this lantern? I see fabric… I see shapes and letters… 


The inspiration of the lantern comes from people and the colors of people. I envisioned all the different races and languages and cultures as I was sewing the yo-yos. I am very inspired by that. I put that around at the bottom, the colors of the people. 

And this spot here [points to the yellow] represents our creator who loves His children all the way around, the love connecting each other. And those are the I love you hand shapes and showing that God loves his children of all different races.

The heart is because he loves us and puts that in our heart and then we can love back. And that lights up all over the place and that love shows up and inspires us all around. 

The feathers are representatives of the Angels that are around us, all around.

This word is Spirit because the Spirit is everywhere all over the World.

Love because His love touches people. And the air, just like the air is all around us and people breathe it in. And that is God’s love, laughter and happiness that creates that laughter and happiness and partnership.

The word live because we are alive and breathing and joy.

So the yo-yos around the bottom are made out of material. I sewed the yo-yos and what inspired me is my grandma who was a quilter. That’s my inspiration. And I would watch her sew, make quilts and rugs and everything. I looked up to her and those yo-yos are in her honor.